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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Celtic Rock Legends Horslips “More Than You Can Chew” 50th Anniversary 35-Disc Box Set On Madfish July 29, 2022

Includes 33 CDs, 2 DVDs, 2 Books, 5 vintage 8x10 photos, Poster and Memorabilia!

Horslips, the founding fathers of Celtic Rock, are delighted to announce that, while rumors of their demise as a performing entity have sadly not been exaggerated, they are releasing, in July 2022, through the good auspices of Madfish Music, “More Than You Can Chew” – a stunning 35-disc box set overflowing with music, film and printed matter encapsulating their entire career.

The standard set comprises:
• 33 CDs containing 506 audio tracks – 252 of which (16 hours) are previously unreleased
• 2 DVDs containing 59 video tracks (and two documentaries) – of which 42 (4½ hours) are previously unreleased
• 2 books – On The Record (a lavish new history of Horslips) and Lyricography (have a guess)
• 5 vintage 8 x 10 photos each signed individually by all five members
• 1 folder of fan club facsimiles from the 70s
• 1 poster

Watch the trailer for “More Than You Can Chew” here: (

The set has been curated by Bert Jansch/John McLaughlin biographer (and longstanding Horslips fan) Colin Harper in close collaboration with the band members. The audio, including most of the film audio, has been restored and (re)mastered by IFTA award-winning engineer Cormac O’Kane. Herculean Horslips biographer Mark Cunningham has written the books, with fresh input from the band, and, wearing his day-job designer hat, has lovingly designed the set under the oversight of Horslips’ de facto art director Charles O’Connor. In addition to the previously unreleased content, “More Than You Can Chew” includes two albums new to any digital medium: “Tryal” (1983) by the Host (a post-Horslips band featuring Eamon, Johnny and Charles) and “Breaking Star Codes” (1983) by Barry Devlin.

More Than You Can Chew” in more detail:
• 13 CDs – all 12 original 1972–80 albums (Live being a double) in mini-LP slipcases, in their  original form and newly mastered
• 1 CD – Tracks from the Vaults Vol.2 – all of the single mixes and non-album tracks not included on the original TFTV (1977) compilation plus previously unreleased outtakes
• 8 CDs – anthologies of previously unreleased live and rehearsal recordings 1973–80, including “The Last Time” – the stunning final concert at the Ulster Hall 8/10/80 in full  
• 3 CDs – 2 reunion-era Horslips albums: (1) “Roll Back” (2) “Live at the O2” (double)
• 1 CD – RTÉ Sessions 1971 – all previously unreleased
• 1 CD – RTÉ Sessions 1972 – all previously unreleased
• 1 CD – RTÉ Sessions 2004–12 – almost all previously unreleased
• 5 CDs – selected post-Horslips adventures:
1) Barry Devlin “Breaking Star Codes” (1983) – unreleased on CD;
2) The Host “Tryal” (1983) and non-album single sides (1983–85) – unreleased on CD;
3) Johnny Fean & Eamon Carr “Live & Studio 1984–86” – a new self-curated anthology of previously unreleased solo, duo and Host recordings from the period;
4) Jim Lockhart “Picking Up The Pieces” – a new self-curated anthology of his TV/radio soundtrack music (1980s-00s) – almost all previously unreleased;
5) Charles O’Connor’s “Resolution Suite Angel on the Mantelpiece” (1995).
• DVD1 – The RTÉ Vault 1973–79 – c.160 minutes (50% previously unreleased)
• DVD2 – The Reunion Era 2004–2019 – c.160 mins (95% previously unreleased)

Additionally, the Horslips will be releasing the first digital single from the box set “Sure The Boy Was Green” (Live 1980 ‘Belfast Gigs’ Outtake), check out the video here (

This performance was recorded during a run of three nights at Belfast’s Whitla Hall towards the final Horslips album of their 1972-80 tenure, “The Belfast Gigs.” It was mixed for possible inclusion on the album at the time and stored on a reel of tape but didn’t make the cut. With the multi-tracks for the three gigs now lost, this is the only professionally recorded outtake extant from those legendary gigs - Horslips going out with a bang.

Pre-orders available now:

(photo credit, Ian Finlay, 1976)

50 Years of Horslips in a Paragraph:
On St Patrick’s Day 1972, Horslips released their debut 45, “Johnny’s Wedding” – in a single bound, inventing Celtic rock – with a press launch at Captain America, a Dublin diner. Over the next eight years they toured the world, recorded 12 albums and collapsed in a heap with a last hurrah at Belfast’s Ulster Hall in October 1980. After lying in darkened rooms for a week or two, the five members – Eamon Carr, Barry Devlin, Johnny Fean, Jim Lockhart and Charles O’Connor – got on with their lives, enjoying many adventures in the worlds of music, media, U2-mentoring and bric-a-brac retailing in the Whitby area. In 2004, the Fab Five found themselves onstage in Derry with a bijou skiffle set at a fan-curated memorabilia exhibition. The love in the room was overwhelming. Over the next five years, Horslips recorded a reunion album and made a handful of Irish TV and radio appearances until, in 2009, they ran out of excuses and opened the doors to the general public with sensational arena concerts in Belfast and Dublin. Twenty-nine years – the longest tea-break in history – gave way to a ten-year victory lap, untaken at a leisurely pace with huge smiles and glad-handing all round. The Indian summer concluded by stealth at the end of 2019 – retrospectively announced in October 2021 – the legendary beast gently felled, like much else, by lockdown. Fans were glum yet grateful for a comeback that had outlasted the career proper. Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one in the fan community was expecting a box set the size of a tombstone, or a tombstone the size of this box set. Fans can now be even more grateful – if considerably poorer.

Madfish, an imprint of Snapper Music, is the international market leader in limited-edition luxury box sets celebrating heroes of the 60s and 70s. Previous multi-disc sets have included Wishbone Ash, Steve Hillage, Gentle Giant, Family, Caravan, John Mayall and the Pretty Things.

For more hi-res images please see:

Horslips online:

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Celtic Prog Rock Pioneers IONA to Release 17 Disc Box Set THE BOOK OF IONA Featuring Hours of Unreleased Material

Available for pre-order now and will be released Jun 20, 2020

This amazing 17 disc set, captures not only all the studio albums from IONA but features almost the same amount of music again on a Companion Disk for each album. These companion discs, which Dave Bainbridge has personally overseen the assembly of are included; rare and unreleased studio recordings, different mixes, original demo recordings from when the songs were first written, plus new (mainly instrumental) recordings of many Iona songs featuring all Iona band members from each era of the bands history. Below is the provisional track listing to the “companion disks”. Additional tracks still being added at the time of writing.

In addition to the extra audio content of the box, also included is:

24 page A4 Booklet (full of previously unseen photos of the band and recently written sleeve notes to accompany each disc) Signed and Numbered certificate Reproduction memorabilia, Reproduction publicity photos, Poster.

Watch the promotional video:


Turning Tide (remastered from original 2 track DAT master tape)
Flight of the Wild Goose 1 (Dave's original demo)
Flight of the Wild Goose (original album version - remastered from original 2 track mixtape).
The Island (Jo’s original demo)
The Island (original album version - remastered from original 2 track mixtape)
White Sands (Dave's original demo)
Dancing on the Wall (original demo)
Dancing on the Wall (original album version - remastered from original 2 track mixtape)
A'Machair (original album version - remastered from original 2 track mixtape)
Vision of Naran (original demo)
Vision of Naran (remastered from original 2 track DAT master tape)
Beijing (Dave original demo)
Iona (Jo’s original demo)
Iona (remastered from original 2 track DAT master tape)
Trilogy (first Iona studio demo version, which includes some sections not used on the album)
Here I Stand (original version with piano)
Columcille (with Electric guitar playing the melody!)


Kells Opening Theme (original demo)
Revelation 1(early demo)
Man - Vocal section 1 (demo, wordless vocal)
Man - Vocal section 2 (demo, wordless vocal)
Tree of Life (which became Mark the Lion)
The River Flows (early demo)
Faithful Heart (remastered from original 2 track mixtape)
Virgin & Child (solo harp version)
John the Eagle (demo, recorded on the Isle of Mull 1991)
Kells Theme (Dave original demo)
Kells Theme Jig! (Dave original demo)
Eternity (Kensington Temple heavenly choir with new keyboards)
Warrior of the Wasteland (studio recording with additional overdubs)
Lost Tribe (demo March 1991)
Harp & Whistle idea (demo March 1991)
Watching You (demo).
Sax / Keys Improvisation (demo September 1990, plus new additional keys).
My Town (studio demo with new additional overdubs)
Hard Way to Learn (demo with Frank violin - recorded on the Isle of Mull. in 1991)
Reilig Orain (demo)
Whistle & Keys Atmospheric (recorded on the Isle of Mull 1991)

BEYOND THESE SHORES COMPANION AUDIO DISK Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

Bird of Heaven (alternate vocal section - demo early 1993)
Bird of Heaven (2007 remix)
Machrie Moor (solo harp version)
Burning Like Fire (rehearsal, Acton, London, early 1993)
Beachy Head (rehearsal, Acton, London, early 1993)
Murlough Bay (Jo's original demo, early 1993)
Frippertronics (with Robert Fripp)

JOURNEY INTO THE MORN COMPANION AUDIO DISK Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

Bi-Se I Mo Shuil Part1 (Dave's original demo Feb 1995)
Everything Changes (original completely different version, recorded during Kells album sessions)
Journey into the Morn (2007 new arrangement & recording, featuring Roine Stolt)
Frippertronics (with Robert Fripp)
Moya Brennan & Joanne Hogg Vocal Loops

OPEN SKY COMPANION AUDIO DISK Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

Woven Cord (rehearsal take, including slow section not on the album version. Recorded at Joanne’s, Ireland 10/98)
Wave after Wave (Dave & Jo's original demo Otley 3/99)
Hinba (Jo’s original demo)
Songs of Ascent Part 1 (Dave's early demo)
Lament for the World (Dave & Jo's demo of this piece)
Jo Hymn Tune idea (demo)
A Dhia Gheigil (Angel of God) (Beautiful vocal version of this track, originally considered for inclusion on the album)
Jo Song of Hope Vocal loops (from Open Sky album studio recording)
I Cannot Understand (Dave & Jo song idea)
Columba Poem song idea (Jo & Dave improvising around Columba’s 6th century creation poem)
The Spacious Firmament (Jo & Dave working on a song idea which ended up on Jo’s first solo album)
Voices (Jo Layered Vocals)
Vocal Harmonies & Keys (nice layering of Joanne’s vocals over Dave’s chord progression)

THE CIRCLING HOUR COMPANION AUDIO DISK Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

How Wonderful (original Jo & Dave demos, recorded late ’90’s in Ireland)
Spirit of God (this version recorded in 2006 for BBC's Songs of Praise)
Almighty Father Who Dost Give (this version recorded in 2006 for BBC's Songs of Praise)

ANOTHER REALM COMPANION AUDIO DISK Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

All that we Have ever dreamed (recorded in July 2011. Troy plays low whistle on this demo, Jo piano, Dave keys & mixing)
Jo & Dave Improvisation (Spontaneous improvisation, recorded at Open Sky Studio on 11th January 2011)
Don’t Look Back (recorded October 2009 at Joanne’s, this was the original demo of what became White Horse)
Dave & Martin Improvisation 1 (Spontaneous improvisation, recorded 14th December 2010)
Gotta Lift Our Eyes Up (recorded in October 2009 at Joanne’s, another song considered for ‘Another Realm’)
Dave & Martin Improvisation 2
Valley of Decision (recorded in October 2009 at Joanne’s, another song considered for ‘Another Realm’)
Dave & Martin Improvisation Pipes Free
What a Day (recorded in February 2010 at Joanne’s, another track considered for ‘Another Realm’)
Dave & Martin Improvisation Pipes Hymn-like
And the Angels Dance (single mix)
Slow Air ( Martin & Dave - Recorded in February 2010 at Joanne’s)

THE SOUND WORLD OF IONA Complete running order to be confirmed, but including:

Featuring newly recorded, mainly instrumental tracks, with contributions from all past Iona band members

White Sands (Nick Beggs & Dave Bainbridge)
Shell of Speech (Tim Harries with Dave Bainbridge. Based on sound samples from the Journey into the Morn album)
I Will Give My Love and Apple (Dave Bainbridge solo piano version)
Edge of the World (Mike Haughton & Dave Bainbridge)
Air from France (Martin Nolan & Dave Bainbridge)
Luke - the Calf (Dave Bainbridge guitar version)
Táimse im Chodladh  (Martin Nolan & Dave Bainbridge)
Today (Dave Bainbridge solo piano version)
Beyond These Shores (with special guest Sally Minnear)
Beijing (widescreen remix)
Plus other new recordings tbc, featuring David Fitzgerald, Terl Bryant, Frank Van Essen, Troy Donockley, Martin Neil, Phil Barker & Sally Minnear

To pre-order:

For more information:

Formed in 1989, IONA took their name from the small island off the west coast of Scotland. From the beginning, their aim was to write spiritual, atmospheric, yet uplifting music that would stir the emotions, weaving complex patterns that echo the intricate knot work of the great Celtic artists. Often inspired by the great figures of the Celtic Golden Age such as Columba, Aidan, Brendan and Patrick, IONA's music is as timeless as the message that reaches out to us across the centuries.

Uniquely combining rock / folk / progressive / ethnic and ambient elements with the crystalline voice of Joanne Hogg as their focus, IONA created 'a blaze of colours and textures...all the sounds fusing into a single, yearning, heartfelt beautiful cry.'

IONA built up a formidable reputation as a great live band with their incredible musicianship and disarmingly humorous banter and were noted for their timeless and innovative studio recordings. They released 7 acclaimed studio albums, four live albums (three doubles, plus one with The All Souls Orchestra), a beautifully illustrated 4 cd box set and two DVDs. Their last album, the 2cd ‘Edge of the World - Live in Europe’ was released in 2013.

Five years on from the bands last live performance and the decision to cease touring and recording “for the foreseeable future” comes ‘The Book of Iona’, the first of a series of Iona box set releases from Gonzo Multimedia. Including all the bands official studio albums, ‘The Book of Iona’ also features companion disks unique to each album, containing previously unreleased songs, original demos, alternate mixes and much more, all personally collated by founder member and band producer Dave Bainbridge. On top of this is included a cd of newly recorded (mainly instrumental) versions of Iona songs featuring performances from all previous Iona band members.

The band are thrilled that Iona’s music will once again be available to reach new listeners in search of innovative and emotive words and music that touches the soul. The ’wild goose' is indeed flying again.

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The First Themed Compilation of the EXCALIBUR Series of Celtic Rock Albums 'The Ladies of the Lake' - NOW AVAILABLE!

London - The Ladies of the Lake is the first themed compilation of the gold and platinum selling EXCALIBUR series of Celtic Rock albums.

The creator of Excalibur, Alan Simon, said of the compilation: “Since for creation of the first Excalibur album, it's been a privilege to work with so many strong ladies characters. I speak not just of Guinevere and Morgane, but also of the talented singers who have brought some of the roles to life.”

The compilation follows the re-release of the Excalibur Trilogy, and the recently released fourth album, Excalibur IV: The Dark Age of the Dragon.

Alan Simon continued: “The rock genre is often dominated by so many male musicians, but it shouldn't be forgotten how much Moya, Jacqui, Maddy, Karan, Kohann, Nikki, Sonja, Siobhan and Maite have given of their unique musical talents. This compilation is a tribute to them. they are the Ladies of the Lake. the Ladies of Excalibur. Please enjoy :)”

The compilation features the guests:
Moya Brennan
Maddy Prior
Karan Casey
Siobhan Owen
Jacqui McShee
Nikki Matheson
Sonja Kristina
Maite Itoiz

1) The Origins feat MOYA BRENNAN
2) Secret Garden feat MADDY PRIOR
3) The Girl & the Demon feat KARAN CASEY
4) Skye feat KOHANN
5) Calling For You feat MOYA BRENNAN
6) The Last Lament of a Fairy feat SIOBHAN OWEN
7) There is Someone feat SIOBHAN OWEN
8) Silver Moon feat MOYA BRENNAN
9) Yseult feat SIOBHAN OWEN
10) Sacrifice feat JACQUI MCSHEE
11) A Prayer For My Lover feat SIOBHAN OWEN
12) Morning Song feat NIKKI MATHESON
13) The Passion feat SONJA KRISTINA
14) Dreaming Again feat SIOBHAN OWEN
15) Dun Angus feat MAITE ITOIZ

To purchase:
Amazon CD:

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