Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Prog Rock Review: 7-Time Will Tell

Release Date: September 27, 2019
Label: Starport Records

When I started listening to 7 and their album Time Will Tell, my immediate thought was, this sounds like the early 80s Yes and Asia. That hit the nail on the head as the band was formed back then with all the songs written in that time frame. In that timeframe, I was in Japan and was asked if I wanted to go to Tokyo to see Asia. I declined my friend's offer. Looking back now I wish I went.

7 Is:
Bryan Timm - guitars, vocals
Randy Copus - lead vocals, keyboards
Scott Steele - bass
Michael Landino – drums

Music like this is retro and brings all the memories flooding back. If this had been released back then it could have competed with bands like Yes or Asia. Better late than never and as far as I am concerned because it is a joy to listen to. 

Four of the nine songs are over 5 minutes in length which is and was typical of the genre. These are classic sweeping tracks with fantastic vocals supported by strong guitar, rhythm section, and the all-important keyboards, for the finishing touch. I think even without the keyboards I would still tag it as prog rock.

There are simply no weak links in this recording however if I was pressed, my favorites would be “Time Will Tell,” “Chance of a Lifetime,” “The Knight” and “Go the Distance.” Every one of those tracks has good lyrics and a fantastic song structure with top musicianship. I like passages like “You can go the distance if you don’t let your heart go blind.” The wordplay is very clever and meaningful.

Starting the album with an ear-catching title track is a very good idea and, in this case, it gets your attention. And just as important is to close out the album strong and they do it with excellence on “The Knight.” The soaring vocals provided by Randy Copus, pulsating bass, in time drums and driving keyboards, make this a very catchy tune that you want to hear again once it is over.

It may sound outdated for 2019 because it was meant for the 80s however it remains a fact that this music is complex yet always radio-ready. That special connection to prog rock from legendary performers like Yes, ELP and Asia give this a real chance for a wide listening base. Many people still listen to this music regularly, making it a viable release. I would love to hear this on vinyl LP, it would be amazing.

I have provided the “vintage” version of the “Time Will Tell” video along with the stream from Spotify for interested listeners. If you like any of the aforementioned bands you will love this music!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
November 24, 2019

Founder of:

Review Provided By Prog Rock Music Talk

1.  Time Will Tell (5:45)
2. On the Bridge (4:05)
3. Are You Ready (6:36)
4. In Time (3:44)
5. Transitions (2:30)
6. Let It Go (4:51)
7. Chance of a Lifetime (4:19)
8. Go the Distance (5:41)
9. The Knight (5:16)


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