Wednesday, July 28, 2021

New Atomic Rooster Tribute Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Now Available!

Nuclear Bird was inspired by the 70’s band, Atomic Rooster which was led by extraordinary keyboardist Vincent Crane who is also known for his signature organ work on The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s “FIRE.” Tyrannical Megalomaniac was Vincent Crane’s nickname.

Drummer/songwriter, Mark Murdock was influenced by Atomic Rooster and other early 70’s progressive-psychedelic bands from England, recently composed a batch of original songs with the intent of capturing Atomic Rooster’s spirit musically, but also telling an interpretation of the band’s story.

Mark invited Atomic Rooster drummer, Ric Parnell to the recordings. “Ric gave the music that authentic Atomic Rooster feel with his exceptional drumming on five of the eight songs. Thrilled to have him on board,” says Mark. Ric shared some of those interesting stories of the band which were incorporated into the lyrics. Also, lyricist/music reviewer, Dmitry M. Epstein contributed on a few of the songs.

“There was also an attempt to invite other former Atomic Rooster cast onboard; Peter French, Steve Bolten, Carl Palmer, Arthur Brown and Preston Heyman to participate but unfortunately could not participate for various reasons - scheduling, conflict of interest and lack of studio access, to name a few. “Perhaps I’ll try knocking on their door on the next Nuclear Bird works,’’ laughs Mark.

Vocalist Tim Pepper not only captured a flowing vocal on the songs but did the concept cover art of a Quetzalcothus (dinosaur bird) playing a Hammond organ with a nuclear power plant burning in the background. Thus, the title Nuclear Bird, not to be confused with Brand X’s “Nuclear Burn.” Speaking of which, former guitarist John Goodsall played on two of Mark’s Cymbalic Encounters works.

Additional musicians who contributed to the tracks are guitarist, Ken Hall who played with Mark in Phoenix, Arizona from the 70’s who captured an authentic 70’s era guitar and Broadway drummer, Jon Berger who guested on drums for two songs.

Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Track List:
1. Exposition of Fools
2. Tyrannical Megalomaniac
3. Addicted to the Water
4. Fascination with the Afterlife
5. The Revolving Door
6. The Harvester of Organs
7. Haunted Chords
8. Locked in a Graveyard

Music and Lyrics by Mark Murdock
*Lyrics on songs 6 & 8 by Dmitry M. Epstein

Mark Murdock - organ and drums
Ric Parnell - drums and percussion on songs 1, 2, 3,  7 and 8
Tim Pepper - vocal
Ken Hall - guitar
Jon Berger - drums on songs 6 & 8 *Ric Parnell- percussion on song 6

All compositions by Mark Murdock
Produced by Mark Murdock
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Murdock
Recorded at Off-Shore Studios, Tokyo and various remote locations
Artwork by Tim Pepper

Available as digital download:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),

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