Monday, May 11, 2020

Ex-HAWKWIND Bassist ALAN DAVEY Releases 4CD Box Set Of Home Demos Including Early HAWKWIND Songs!

Los Angeles, CA - Alan Davey, the brilliantly creative musician/songwriter/producer perhaps best known for being the protégé of Motörhead’s Lemmy as well as filling Lemmy’s leather boots as the bassist for space rock icons Hawkwind, is an astoundingly exhaustive artist. Just this year, Davey has overseen the release of new singles by his superstar project Hawkestrel that featured Rick Wakeman, Pat Travers and electronic violinist Shankar (Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa) as well as the release of a 3-album set from his side project Pre-Med. And now comes the release of a 4CD collection of home studio recordings, awesomely dubbed Four-Track Mind. With recordings that date back to the mid-‘80s all the way up to this decade, Four-Track Mind will give the listener a glimpse into the creative evolution of this amazingly adventurous artist. Packaged in a deluxe clamshell box with individual wallets for each disc along with a 12-page booklet with detailed liner notes and vintage photos, this is a box set that no Alan Davey fan should be without!

Davey has this to say about the collection: “Rarely do musicians ever release their learning curves of writing, mixing, and production skills, with all the clicks and pops and unedited flaws, but I thought people would find it interesting to see how I evolved my style and sound over the years. From a 4-track cassette machine, here are 60+ demos of many of my songs and some not yet used!”

Four-Track Mind will be available on both CD and digital everywhere starting May 22!

To purchase:

1. Spiritual Modulator (1986)
2. R.E.M. Time (1986)
3. Chinese Whispers (1986)
4. Transient (1986)
5. Slumber Head (1986)
6. Dragon Chaser (1986)
7. Hypno Trip (1986)
8. In A Sphere (1986)
9. E-On Strings (1986)
10. Wind Of Ghosts (1987)
11. Dark Light (1987)
12. Moody Motion (1987)
13. Flight To Andromeda (1987)
14. Sunrise Assassins (1988)
15. Moonstone (1988)
16. Dragon Chaser (1988)
17. Sword Of The East (1988)
18. A Shot In The Dark (Motor Pink Head) (1988)

1. Spiritual Modulator
2. The Call
3. Fire Tribe
4. Return To...
5. Simulator
6. Chased
7. Dragon Chaser
8. Drive
9. On Acid Bass!
10. Hitze Seeker V
11. Of Wings
12. Out Of My Box
13. Robby's Rap
14. Jigging
15. The Noise
16. Abab Fed
17. Backwards Thru Water
18. Tribal Daze

1. Lost In The Smoke
2. Snake Charmer
3. Up And Up
4. The Animal
5. Deep Space Rock
6. Don't Fret
7. From The Deep
8. Blue Shift
9. OSC Squared
10. Stan's Middle 8
11. Astron Belt
12. Special Place
13. Received
14. Fear At Night
15. Endoparasitoid
16. Wave Upon Wave
17. Space To Go

1. Greenback Massacre
2. Shahadah
3. Many Voices
4. Bird Nebula
5. Creamy
6. Holosuite Program
7. Assimilation
8. Alien Fingers
9. The Wind
10. Be Still
11. Magic B
12. LGM
13. In The Game
14. Reality Foil

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