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Monday, November 13, 2023

Progressive Rock Vinyl Review: Trevor Rabin-Rio

Label: Inside Out Music

Release Date: August 5, 2023


Trevor Rabin has created a lot of music over the years—one of my favorite Yes albums, 90125, is one he contributed to. Also, a few years ago, I saw that version of the band perform live, which was a real treat.


Rio is Rabin's first vocal album in 34 years. I received the two 180-gram LP sea blue set (Ltd t0 1,500 copies) for review. The artwork was digitally created by Rabin as well.


Trevor covers some ground on this album by playing guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion, mandolin, banjo, dobro, and backing vocals for his lead vocals. So essentially, he is a one-person band.


Yes, fans already know Trevor's voice is like Jon Anderson's. Also, some of the music is like what Yes has created. That is fine with me, as I enjoyed this album and found it quite eclectic, regardless of those similarities.


Side A begins with "Big Mistakes," the first single release. The track is an exciting opener with catchy hooks and good lead guitar changes.


"Push" is a good mesh of guitar and keys with fast instrumentation that melds with the vocals. Many changes take place, going back and forth. The orchestration, violin, and piano finish things off as it fades out.


"Oklahoma" is a nice acoustic number with some rapid picking as the keys come in with a quiet interlude as the vocals enter with "We build from our wounds warmth." The moving instrumentation and vocals are panoramic and picturesque, painted with orchestrations and a biting guitar line for emphasis.


Side B starts with "Paradise." Good rhythms with excellent drums and bass are features. Twangy guitar and soaring vocals come in. All the instruments are so strong, and it turns into a toe tapper. Multi-layered vocals and a jazz flavor are towards the end, then back to a fast pace as it ends.


"Thandi" has an interesting beginning. The band is in hyperdrive again, flying along and returning to an average pace. The vocal effects, which offer several flourishes, are reminiscent of his time with Yes. The powerful rhythm section and keys push along some fantastic guitar work.


"Goodbye" is a country sound with the galloping bass and drums. Some nice picking arrives with banjo and dobro to make it all sound authentic. A honky tonk piano comes in as well, and the vocals are undoubtedly suitable for all of the musical colors populating the track.


"Tumbleweed" closes out side C with significant harmonizing effects, which change quickly as it moves along.


Side C begins with "These Tears," the album's only slow burner that builds with additional background vocals and purposeful instrumentation that are then pronounced further with keys and some cool guitar lines. It is a very dynamic performance.


The word "Egoli" means the place of gold or Johannesburg. The song begins with a strong bass line and continues to provide a steady backbeat. The funky sounds with vocals to match are all quite different than the preceding tracks. The harmonizing reminded me of Paul Simon's Graceland album and the amazing Ladysmith Black Mambazo. See how it all ties in? The vocals are like an additional instrument. It is what I define as World-Prog.


"Toxic" closes out an excellent album from start to finish with some rocking sounds. There is a great bass and strong guitar in the spotlight. Then it turns industrial in sound, yet another surprise. The changes and some very cool sounds come forth. The track would serve as an excellent single release. 


Side D is one of those clever etchings. It would have been a bonus if they had put a few tracks off Trevor's massive box set that was released. But even without that, it is a fine release.


Rio is a superlative performance by Trevor Rabin and his guests. Quality musicianship and vocals like this tuning into any radio station streaming or conventional are uncommon these days. The album is a triumph in every aspect of musicianship, engineering, sound, and the quality of 180-gram vinyl pressing, not to mention the cool translucent sea blue coloring.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

November 12, 2023

Side One:

1. Big Mistakes

2. Push

3. Oklahoma

Side Two:

1. Paradise

2. Thandi

3. Goodbye

4. Tumbleweed

Side Three:

1. These Tears

2. Egoli

3. Toxic

Side D: Etching

Friday, January 31, 2020

Guitar Legend Trevor Rabin To Release "Changes" 10 Disc Box Set March 16, 2020

Trevor Rabin had a hugely successful career in his native South Africa as part of what would be considered a teenybop band entitled Rabbitt. Whilst the band had much domestic success, outside of South Africa nobody knew who they were so Trevor Rabin left the band and South Africa and headed for London where he was signed up as a solo artist. He made three good and well-received rock albums before teaming up with the remnants of YES and forming a band called Cinema. Cinema with the addition of Jon Anderson would become the latest edition of YES in 1983 scoring with the massively successful album 90125. Trevor recently finished several successful tours with YES featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman and, along with YES, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

His collaborations include working with Seal, Michael Jackson, Manfred Mann, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan and Paul Rodgers to name a few.

He has received numerous awards including eleven BMI Film and TV Awards, a Grammy, a Lifetime Achievement Award (Los Angeles Music Awards), a Career Achievement Award (Temecula International Film Festival), and Gold Medal for Excellence in Film Music Award (Park City Film Festival).

Trevor has since become one of the most sought-after film composers in the business, with 34 films to date. He has created music that crosses barriers and genres that have made him one of the premier composers of contemporary music. As a guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter, producer or recording engineer Trevor has established himself as a leader in the contemporary music field.

Box Set Contents:

Disc 1 - Beginnings
Disc 2 - Face to Face
Disc 3 - Wolf
Disc 4 - Can't Look Away.
Disc 5 - Can't Look Away bonus tracks
Disc 6 - 90124
Disc 7 - Live in Boston 1989 part 1
Disc 8 - Live in Boston 1989 part 2
Disc 9 - Lost Soundtracks Vol. 1 - Jack Frost.
Disc 10 - Lost Soundtracks Vol. 2

also includes
Signed and Numbered Certificate
24 page A4 Photo Book, “The Making of Wolf”
24 page A4 Photo Book, “The Can't Look Away photo Session”
A3 Poster
4 x 10” x 8” Reproduction Promotional Photos
Reproduction Press Cuttings

Disc 1 - Beginnings 

Getting To Know You Better 4:12
Stay With Me 3:49
I Love You 5:01
Love Alone 2:13
Love Life 4:01
Fantasy  3:19
Painted Picture 3:36
Could There Be 4:27
Live A Bit 4:44
Red Desert 3:38

Beginnings Bonus Tracks

Getting To Know You Better (single edit) 3:20
Stay With Me  (single edit) 3:18

Disc 2 - Face to Face

I'll Take The Weight 3:56
Don't You Ever Lose 4:00
I'm Old Enough (To Make You A Woman) 4:10
The Wanderer 3:48
You 2:40
Now 4:50
The Ripper 3:48
Candy's Bar 4:02
Always The Last One 5:06

Face to Face Bonus Tracks

Don't You Ever Lose (single edit) 3:19

Disc 3 - Wolf

Open Ended 3:25
Heard You Cry Wolf 5:43
Do Ya Do Ya Want Me 3:30
Stop Turn 4:05
Lost In Love 3:45
Looking For A Lady (Wolfman) 4:41
Pain 4:35
Take Me To A Party 3:38
She's Easy 4:26
Long Island 3:41

Disc 4 - Can't Look Away

I Can't Look Away 7:19
Something To Hold On To 5:05
Sorrow (You Heart) 4:28
Cover Up 5:17
Promises 5:54
Etoile Noir 1:03
Eyes Of Love 6:53
I Don't Think It Would Last 4:05
Hold On To Me 4:42
Sludge 2:28
I Miss You Now 5:38
The Cape 2:57

Disc 5 - Can’t Look Away bonus tracks

Sorrow (Your Heart) (Edit) 3:28
I Can't Look Away (Edit) 5:04
Something To Hold On To (Demo Version) 4:15
Dan Neer Promotional Interview (Questions and Answers) 22:42
Dan Neer Promotional Interview (Answers Only) 19:05

Disc 6 - 90124

Hold On (Demo 1981) 6:19
Changes (Demo 1981) 3:11
Moving In 5:31
Would You Feel My Love 5:00
Where Will You Be (Demo 1991) 5:06
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Demo 1981) 7:01
Walls (Demo 1990) 4:20
Promenade 1:44
Love Will Find A Way 3:29
Miracle Of Life 6:56
Cinema (Demo 1981) 4:31

Disc 7 - Live in Boston 1989 part 1 - 05 December 1989 (Previously Unreleased)

Cover Up
Sorrow (Your Heart)
Cry Wolf
Etoile Noir/Eyes Of Love
Solly's Beard
Something To Hold On To

Disc 8 - Live in Boston 1989 part 2

Carry On/Promises
Can't Look Away
Make It Easy
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Love Will Find A Way

Disc 9 - Lost Soundtracks Vol. 1 - Jack Frost (Previously Unreleased)

The Snowball Fight
It's Snowing
Magic Harmonica
Miss Him Too
The Cabin
The J Shot
Frost In Medford
Charlie Boy

Disc 10 - Lost Soundtracks Vol. 2 (Previously Unreleased)

Remember The Titans
Banger Sisters
A Beautiful Mind Trailer

Check out the newly launched Trevor Rabin shop, which as well as the box set, includes some rare and signed CDs:

Trevor Rabin's official website:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Friday, October 6, 2017

Concert Review: YES Featuring ARW Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman

YES Featuring ARW Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman 
The Palace Albany, NY October 5, 2017

Around this time 15 years ago I saw Yes perform in Albany. Then it was the classic lineup. How things change with the passing of time. Since then a lot has happened for the men involved with the legacy of this legendary band. Most significantly, Chris Squire, one the band’s founding members, passed away. The other musicians have remained active.

Now we have Jon Anderson (vocals), Trevor Rabin (guitar, vocals) and Rick Wakeman (keyboards and luminous cape) with Lee Pomeroy (bass) and Louis Molino III (drums) holding down the bottom end.

I sat in some excellent seats in the left orchestra section. The seats were so generously provided by Jamie Carroll of Press Here Publicity.  The Palace is one of my favorite places to go to a concert, it is beautiful and easily accessible from where I reside. I am very grateful for the opportunity to provide coverage.

Yes, is the godfather of Prog Rock as far as this music listener is concerned.

Oddly enough my favorite recording is 90125 which was their most commercial release and their biggest seller. Well, I was in for a treat because a few of those songs were played. I think because Trevor (who recorded
4 studio with Yes) was in the band for that album, it made sense to dive into those tracks. And speaking of godfather’s, Rick Wakeman is and always will be THE ultimate prog rock keyboard master. Everyone else came after him and was influenced in some way by the man.

I was amazed by how fantastic the band sounded, they exceeded my expectations, which were very high prior to entering the venue. Jon Anderson sounded great, as good as ever.  For a gent that is 72 years old he is truly an iconic and inspiring individual. His energy is so positive and he simply owns the audience.

“Cinema” kicked off the evening. This was a great choice to get the crowd into it right from the start. There was no problem with that. The place was packed, which came as no surprise to me. Mr. Rabin is a superb guitar player with a great vocal range as well. His vocals certainly compliment Jon’s and when he takes the helm it sounds powerful and commanding. Of course, Mr. Anderson has one of the most identifiable and unique vocal styles in the world and you immediately recognize no matter where the music of Yes is playing. This is a trademark style so impactful that it is hard to ignore

“Heart of the Sunrise” is a prog rock classic we are all familiar with and it just has to be a part of their set. It was not only done well, it was presented with perfection. Each member clicked as if they have been touring together forever. And I cannot forget to mention how the gents in the back of the stars, Lee Pomeroy (bass) and Louis Molino III (drums), were the quintessential rhythm section that held it all together. They deserve a lot of credit.

I realize their set list does not seem that extensive however we must remember this is prog and each song is musical workout that carries on a good 15 minutes or more with plenty of improvisation. That is the beauty of progressive rock and what I always found so intriguing.

The classic everyone knows, “Roundabout,” was the obvious encore and they did not disappoint. It was a bit shorter than I expected however, that is not a complaint just an observation. We certainly got a good dose of Yes music for the evening and everyone enjoyed the show.

Yes is timeless and legendary with a deep catalog that could keep them touring until they were all 90 years old. Although that is not realistic we all should continue to support them while they are still recording and touring. I will be there, you can count on that!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 6, 2017

Set List:

Perpetual Change
Hold On
South Side of the Sky
And You and I
Rhythm of Love
I Am Waiting
Heart of the Sunrise
Owner of a Lonely Heart