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Prog Legends Happy The Man Return With New Single “Only Love” From Forthcoming Album

New single available January 15, 2024!

Prog legends Happy The Man have returned with the release of a new single, “Only Love,” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 15, 2024. The song is from the band’s highly anticipated forthcoming album of the same name.

Stanley Whitaker, Ron Riddle, Michael Beck, and Rick Kennell have reunited and recorded a phenomenal new song promising to please fans of the band and prog fans worldwide.

Says Stanley Whitaker, “The basic concept was to not only express my frustration and sadness in the world while shedding light and awareness. In late August 2020, while in a deep meditative state, I wondered what John Lennon would say about the state of affairs in America. I craved his voice and message and prayed for inspiration. In a blast of energy, I wrote over ten pages of lyrics and spent the next two weeks editing and laying down musical ideas. Recently, our former bandmate, Frank Wyatt, passed away on January 10, 2023, and the following morning, I awoke to, ‘Now it’s time to put HTM back together.’ Gobsmacked! I called Rick, Ron, and Michael, and everyone was on board to reunite as Happy the Man. All of the music was developed remotely from our studios across the country.”

Says Ron Riddle, “My work as a film and TV composer/orchestrator and my work as a drummer has always been at odds and very separate from each other. I would say that over 95 percent of the music I’ve written had no drums at all! Stanley and Rick approached me to get the band back together, and Stanley asked me to do the orchestration and drumming. I was smitten, thrilled, and, honestly, a bit nervous. ‘Could both exist in the same song?’ I wondered. It’s like Dr. Jeckel meeting Mr. Hyde!”

Michael Beck says, “Putting Happy The Man back together and creating new music is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I could not be happier and prouder to work with these incredible musicians and friends again.”

Says Rick Kennell, “How can you not enjoy working with musicians of this caliber? What fun!”

Born out of the intensely creative and artistic art rock and fusion movements of the 70s, Happy The Man is regarded as one of the most legendary progressive rock bands of all time. Although Happy The Man only released two official albums before breaking up, their impact continues to endear the group to a cult following that has been growing ever since. With the passing of many years, Happy The Man’s music has demonstrated a timeless quality that suggests that it was ahead of its time and beyond this world.

Original members Stanley Whitaker (guitar) and Rick Kennell (bass guitar) first met in Germany. They soon returned to the US, enlisting Frank Wyatt (keyboards, saxes, flute), Kit Watkins (keyboards), and Mike Beck (drums and percussion). They created two of the most deeply admired prog-rock albums of all time on Arista Records: “Happy The Man” (1977) and “Crafty Hands” (1978), with Ron Riddle taking over drumming from Mike Beck.

This world is on fire, my friends and we desperately need to share our love and light to heal this planet earth!”

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Only Love (Original Version or OV)
Only Love (Radio Edit or RE)

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Prog Legends Gentle Giant’s “The Missing Piece” Steven Wilson Remix To Be Released on CD, 5.1 Blu-Ray, 180g Vinyl & Limited Edition Transparent Green Vinyl on February 16, 2024

Previously unreleased bonus track “Winning (outtake)”

In 1977 Gentle Giant recorded their ninth studio album “The Missing Piece.” It was a time of change. Punk, disco and rap were altering the musical landscape and even this well-established progressive rock band were willing to explore new directions. Side one saw them experimenting with quirky pop (“Two weeks in Spain”), a grandiose power ballad (“I’m turning around’), syncopated funk (“Who do you think you are?”) and even the punky aggression of “Betcha thought we couldn’t do it.” Meanwhile the call and response soul shouting of “Mountain Time” hearkened back to the “big sound” of their Simon Dupree R & B revue days.

Normal service was resumed on side two with some of their most sublime and intricate progressive stylings to date. The breezily baroque “As old as you’re young” led into the yearningly elegiac “Memories of Old Days” with a particularly heartfelt vocal from Derek Shulman. The percussive tour de force of “Winning” then set up the blazing finale of “For Nobody,” another mind blowing complex collection of driving intertwining riffs that the band would nonchalantly thunder through with apparent ease.

It remains a polarizing effort amongst fans to this day, some bemused by its diversity, others enchanted by its versatility and sense of humor. “The Missing Piece” certainly proves that Gentle Giant could play anything they set their minds to. It was the last Gentle Giant album to chart in the USA.

Award winning producer and musician Steven Wilson continues his association with the band, remixing the album in Dolby Atmos, Stereo and 5.1 surround sound. In addition, the digipak CD/Blu-ray version also contains an instrumental mix, the original 1977 stereo mix and videos for each track. All remixes except the Atmos contain a bonus track, a previously unreleased outtake of “Winning.”

Gentle Giant's “The Missing Piece” Steven Wilson remix will be released on CD, 5.1 Blu-Ray, 180g vinyl and Limited Edition Transparent Green Vinyl variant on February 16, 2024.

Derek Shulman – Lead Vocals
Kerry Minnear – Keyboards, Vocals
Ray Shulman – Bass Guitar, 12 string Guitar
Gary Green – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
John “Pugwash” Weathers – Drums and Percussion

Track Listing:
1. Two Weeks in Spain 3:04
2. I’m Turning Around 3:58
3. Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It 2:16
4. Who Do You Think You Are? 3:37
5. Mountain Time 3:21
1. As Old As You’re Young 4:21
2. Memories Of Old Days 7:22
3. Winning 4:15
4. For Nobody 4:09
5. Winning (Outtake) 3:31 (Bonus Track)

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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Prog Ensemble Circuline Launches Ambitious Virtual Tour January 2024

Prog ensemble Circuline’s 2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour begins Friday, January 12th, 2024, and will consist of 57 events in 48 weeks, with Single releases, Lyric videos, Official videos, “Behind the Scenes” videos, and Livestream Q&A events where the band is able to connect with their fans around the world.

Six years in the making, Circuline’s new album “C.O.R.E.”, released on the Inner Nova Music label, will be available as an album of eight tracks available in a gatefold digipak CD, with an eight-page booklet of lyrics and liner notes. The album explores themes in romantic relationships, surviving abuse, finding one’s own personal power, and the turbulent times in which we live. “C.O.R.E.” will be released on Friday, September 20th, 2024.

Circuline has a new lineup, with new band members Shelby Logan Warne (Kyros) on bass and vocals, and Dave Bainbridge on guitars (Strawbs, IONA, Lifesigns). Guest Artist Joe Deninzon (Kansas, Stratospheerius) on electric violin. Keyboardist/vocalist Andrew Colyer (Robert Berry’s 3.2 Band, The Tubes), drummer Darin Brannon (Downing Grey, Surface Tension), and lead vocalist Natalie Brown (Evita, Rocky Horror Picture Show) complete the band’s lineup.

Says Andrew Colyer, “With this international virtual tour, we have two goals: First, we want to get our music exposed to as many people as possible, to continue to grow our fanbase worldwide. Second, we want to deepen our relationships with the fans who are the most passionate. Releasing singles, lyric videos, and official videos accomplishes the first goal, and by doing these in-depth, ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos, we accomplish the second goal. Packaging everything together into a single 12-month celebration of the new album will hopefully capture more attention for future opportunities for live performing and touring, with this fantastic new lineup.”

Number #1 in Portugal. Top 10 in Japan. Prog-Award Nominated. Global Music Award Winning. With sales in 23 countries, Circuline’s fanbase is growing daily. The band has toured with Glass Hammer, repeatedly co-headlined the three-day Sonic Voyage Festival, and toured England opening for IO Earth. Circuline has performed at the International Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest), Philadelphia's Liberty Music Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, New Jersey’s ProgStock, and England’s Harmonix Festival.

Says Andrew, “We’ve had so much fun creating all the videos for this Virtual Tour! We’ve been ‘on location’ in train stations, on rivers, in parking lots, and on soundstage studios. The ‘Story Behind the Song’ videos were done in our newly remodeled studio, with professional documentary filmmakers. The ‘Gear Behind the Music’ videos were done on cell phones. The ‘Behind the Official Video’ series utilizes B-roll shot on location, with band members doing over-the-top commentary. This has been a lot of work, and a ton of fun! We hope the fans enjoy it.”

CORE Virtual Tour Dates:
Friday, January 12th - Song #1 - Single Release
Friday, January 19th - Song #1 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, January 26th - Song #1 - Lyric Video
Friday, February 2nd - Song #1 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, February 9th - Song #1 - Official Video
Friday, February 16th - Song #1 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, February 18th - Song #1 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, February 23rd - Song #2 - Single Release
Friday, March 1st - Song #2 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, March 8th - Song #2 - Lyric Video
Friday, March 15th - Song #2 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, March 22nd - Song #2 - Official Video
Friday, March 29th - Song #2 - Behind the Official Video
Saturday, March 30th - Song #2 - Livestream Q&A  (Sunday is Easter)
Friday, April 5th - Song #3 - Single Release
Friday, April 12th - Song #3 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, April 19th - Song #3 - Lyric Video
Friday, April 26th - Song #3 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, May 3rd - Song #3 - Official Video
Friday, May 10th - Song #3 - Behind the Official Video
Saturday, May 11th - Song #3 - Livestream Q&A  (Sunday is Mother’s Day)
Friday, May 17th - Song #4 - Single Release
Friday, May 24th - Song #4 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, May 31st - Song #4 - Lyric Video
Friday, June 7th - Song #4 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, June 14th - Song #4 - Official Video
Friday, June 21st - Song #4 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, June 23rd - Song #4 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, June 28th - Song #5 - Single Release
Friday, July 5th - Song #5 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, July 12th - Song #5 - Lyric Video
Friday, July 19th - Song #5- Story Behind the Song
Friday, July 26th - Song #5 - Official Video
Friday, August 2nd - Song #5 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, August 4th - Song #5 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, August 9th - Song #6 - Single Release
Friday, August 16th - Song #6 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, August 23rd - Song #6 - Lyric Video
Friday, August 30th - Song #6 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, September 6th - Song #6 - Official Video
Friday, September 13 - Song #6 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, September 15th - Song #6 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, September 20th - Album Release Day!
Friday, September 20th - Song #7 - Single Release
Saturday, September 21st - Album Release Livestream
Friday, September 27th - Song #7 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, October 4th - Song #7 - Lyric Video
Friday, October 11th - Song #7 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, October 18th - Song #7 - Official Video
Friday, October 25th - Song #7 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, October 27th - Song #7 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, November 1st - Song #8 - Single Release
Friday, November 8th - Song #8 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, November 15th - Song #8 - Lyric Video
Friday, November 22nd - Song #8 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, November 29th - Song #8 - Official Video
Friday, December 6th - Song #8 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, December 8th - Song #8 - Livestream Q&A

Watch the album launch video:

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Interview: Veteran Session Drummer & Voice Actor Larry Cox Launches Website For Aspiring Artists


As 2023 draws to a close, it also heralds a momentous peak in the realms of budding drummers and voice actors as unveils its long-anticipated website. Veteran drummer and voice actor Larry Cox has initiated this groundbreaking platform committed to fostering talent in these competitive domains. The website and its contents are meticulously crafted to guide aspiring individuals toward establishing a professional drumming or voice-acting career.


After a drumming and concurrent voice acting career spanning four decades, Cox combines a harmonious blend of passion and precision, making Larry Cox Rocks the go-to destination for individuals driven by the beat of drums or the resonance of their vocal cords. The platform ready to transform how aspiring talents hone their skills and embark on a journey toward professional success.


It's been quite some time since I've spoken with Larry and posted reviews of albums for his bands Deaf Symphony and Kick Tommy. Still, I recently caught up with him for a quick Q&A regarding some background about his long career and his desire to embark on this latest project:


KH: So, I understand this website project is the culmination of something you've wanted to do since the late 1990s; tell me a little about that.


LC: That's right, Keith. My dream has always been to create instructional and career guidance media, but I was too busy throughout my career for such a time-consuming endeavor. Now that I've been mostly retired from mainstream work, I finally had the time to fulfill that dream.


KH: Which came first as a profession, the drumming or the voice acting?


LC: The drumming. My first pro gig was in 1985 with a band called Looker, based in Buffalo, New York. We started out playing clubs, you know, the routine for a band. Then we got a financial backer and recorded an album, got picked up by a promoter, and ended up touring for about a year, opening for Steppenwolf, Kenny Loggins, and Cheap Trick during that year. It was a great first experience.


KH: How long did that last?


LC: Just that one year, and like most bands, we broke up. So, I headed for Los Angeles to take advantage of my connections with Looker that year.


KH: From our initial conversation, it sounded like things happened quickly for you in LA; tell me about that.


LC: Yes, that's true; things happened pretty fast. I was introduced to an agent who got me gigs with some reasonably popular bands on the LA club circuit, which was hopping back then. There were so many venues for original music back then that you could gig somewhere three to five times a week. And since I was playing with two bands, I was busy. Anyway, one thing led to another, and my exposure got me into the studio, not only with the bands I was playing with but with other bands and singers recording demos for the record labels, which was crazy back then.


KH: They were signing bands left and right in the eighties.


LC: Absolutely. So, during the late eighties, I ended up recording with a couple of great vocalists, trying to get record deals, and eventually went on to great things later. One was Johnny Edwards, who eventually went on to sing with Foreigner on their Unusual Heat album. The other was Jeff Scott Soto, who had already sung with Yngwie Malmsteen then, which was super exciting for me. Jeff went on to big things eventually.


KH: Jeff is a monster vocalist, and his recent stuff with Sons of Apollo is top-notch.


LC: He was a great dude and one of my favorite to work with. Have you ever looked at his Wikipedia page?


KH: No, I haven't. Is it a good read?


LC: Oh man, the bands he has been part of are one thing, but the list of guest appearances as lead vocalist and backing vocalist is stunning.


KH: I'll have to check it out. Was all of this around the same time you played with Joshua?


LC: I joined Joshua in 1988 and recorded and played live with them until 1991. It's a great band, and Joshua Perahia is one of the most amazing guitarists in the world. I can't believe that things fizzled out for him; he should have become a household name among musicians.


KH: So, it's almost three years with Joshua. What happened?


LC: Well, it's a long story that I don't want to get into in detail, but it was a sad, sad scenario because I thought we were going to be huge. We were on the verge of a deal with Warner Brothers, and our music attorney Stan Diamond, a legend in the music business, said we were going to be the next Journey. As we were recording demos for Warner, the singer had an epiphany that he needed to start singing Christian music and wanted to rewrite the lyrics to the songs; I mean, right then and there, while we were in the studio. Warner said, "That's not going to happen," the singer quit, and everything fell apart within a couple of days. I was devastated. 


KH: Damn, that had to be heartbreaking.


LC: Oh, big time. I was ready to hang it up. However, at that time, I was getting busy with session work, I mean swamped. So, since I had no band at that moment, I gobbled up every session I could, jingles, soundtracks for movies, television, and video games, artist demos for record labels, and so many other things. It was a great time being a session player.


KH: How many sessions would you say you've done in your career?


LC: Oh shit, there's no record of that, but thousands, thousands for sure. I still do them almost thirty years later; who could keep count? I wish that I would have kept a ledger, you know, but when the money keeps rolling in, your so damn busy, family life and life in general, who thinks to keep count, you know? You keep doing what you do, and the next thing you know, thirty years have gone by! And with that kind of work, you remain anonymous, so there's no media attention or records for anyone to pull up like with mainstream recording artists.


KH: Sure, I get it. That's amazing. And then you have a guy that plays drums on three albums with his band, and he's a household name. 


LC: (laughter) Right? (more laughter).


KH: So when did the voice acting thing come along, and how did that come about?


LC: I had been doing voices all my life. I was a huge fan of Mel Blanc, the guy that did all the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies stuff in the sixties and seventies, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweety, and so much other stuff, so much. Most people have not learned how many characters he voiced in his long career. I wanted to be that guy! So, when a connection of mine in the music business heard me doing some voices during a drum recording session in 1999, he was like, "Bro, how come you are not a voice actor?" And he knew a guy, so he hooked me up, and it took off from there. Crazy. That was the beginning of juggling two separate careers for the duration.


KH: Wow, people are trying to get one career off the ground, and you've been slamming two virtually impossible jobs to get into.


LC: (laughter) Hey, don't be hatin' (laughter).


 KH: Okay, you've had a super busy career, so what led you to this current project when most folks would simply be enjoying retirement and cocktails on the beach?


 LC: (laughter) I take my laptop to the beach! (laughter). Even though I am still doing select drumming and voice work in my retirement, this stage of my life finally allowed me the time to put together content dedicated to helping others pursue such careers. It's a labor of love for me, so it feels like something other than work. It's more like my retirement hobby; that's how I see it and feel, and the same is true with motivational speaking and drum clinic events. They are both things that I love to do. The moment you sit around waiting for the end, the Grim Reaper detours to your doorstep.


For budding drummers and voice actors, Larry Cox Rocks is where dreams take center stage. The site offers a diverse haven to access a treasure trove of resources designed to elevate their craft. The site hosts a wide variety of instructional media, tutorials, guidance material, and personal coaching options, as well as several podcasts covering different subjects. Whether just starting or looking to expand upon one's talent, the platform provides a comprehensive guide for beginner and seasoned skills.


One of the standout features of the website is the capability for members to request personalized coaching sessions that focus on specific areas of interest, along with the ability to communicate directly with me. So, whether you're just starting or looking to finesse your technique, Larry Cox Rocks provides an immersive learning experience that transcends physical and geographical boundaries, connecting aspiring talent with a seasoned veteran whose drumming and voice acting career has spanned four decades.


Beyond the educational aspects of the site, the platform offers in-person social engagement with Larry Cox through clinics, workshops, and motivational speaking. Such forums allow groups of like-minded individuals to engage in group learning and vibrant discussions and to interact through real-time education that transcends virtual boundaries — adding an extra layer of excitement and fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.


"I believe in the transformative abilities that I possess with my many years of experience," says Cox. "My mission is to empower aspiring drummers and voice actors, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to turn their passions into professions. Launching my website is a significant step towards realizing this vision."


Larry Cox Rocks is a visionary platform dedicated to nurturing drumming and voice-acting talent. With a commitment to education, motivation, and inspiration, Larry Cox Rocks is poised to become a terrific launchpad for aspiring drummers and voice actors everywhere.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Jonathan Beacon
Artist Relations Manager

Connect with Larry:
Official Website:

Monday, December 18, 2023

Bill Nelson’s “Starlight Stories” Now Available!

Bill Nelson’s “Starlight Stories” is an album comprising a mixture of song based and instrumental material issued on the Sonoluxe label in a limited edition of 1000 copies, and available digitally.

Despite being recorded during the same 2022 recording sessions that produced the “All The Fun Of The Fair” album, “Starlight Stories” has a wholly different atmosphere and intent.

Wistful and melancholic, the album contains dreamy meditations fed through the filter of Bill Nelson's contemporary musical sensibility.

The inspiration for many of the songs came from my memories of a set of children’s story books, published in the 1920s, that my Mother had owned when she was a child in the early 1930s. She had kept these books and would read to me from them when I was an infant in the early 1950s. They were thick, heavy bound books with embossed covers and had titles such as ‘The Golden Wonder Book For Children’. They were brilliantly illustrated by artists who displayed a combination of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. The books contained stories by famous authors such as HG Wells, Miguel De Cervantes, Homer, William Blake and others, plus poems by various poets, both classical and contemporary to those times. I was entranced by the wonderful stories and illustrations they contained. They had an aura of magic and mystery about them, with fairy tales and evocatively British poetry, filled with seasonal and rustic imagery. A treasure trove of fantasy and adventure, which I loved.

‘Starlight Stories’ doesn’t attempt to directly portray those old books but it does try to capture some of their atmosphere and manifest my nostalgia for them. Consequently, the songs on this album have a softer, melancholic quality about them, albeit with some distressed, patina-like textures that evoke the scent and feel of those old books. They are dreamy meditations, wistful reveries fed through the filter of my contemporary musical sensibility. I hope they will, in some small way, connect you with your own lost story books, as well as with mine.” - Bill Nelson 2023.

01) A Wide Open Window (With A View Of The Stars)
02) Sailing Through Skies Of Blue
03) Antoria
04) My Signal Light
05) Goodbye Golden Sands
06) Everything Is Ancient Now
07) Standing In A Starlit Room
08) Slow, Slow, Slow
09) Meanwhile, Elsewhere
10) Ghosts Of Ancient Houses
11) Celestrum
12) Starlight Stories
13) The Land Of Lost Dreams
14) The Doctor Was An Alchemist
15) Ian’s Radio Is On

To order:
Starlight Stories” is available for purchase at the Dreamsville Store:
and Burning Shed:

Also available, Bill Nelson “All The Fun Of The Fair”:

Available as both physical CD (from Burning Shed) or as a digital download (from Bandcamp).

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Prog Ensemble Cymbalic Encounters To Release “Incandescent Spirits”

“Incandescent Spirits” features a mixture of prog-vocal and instrumental songs that are in the tradition of  the experimental side of Cymbalic Encounters.

Drummer/Composer, Mark Murdock says, “These works are considered to be the sister album of my recently released title “Electricus.” Rather than releasing a double album, it was necessary to split the tracks.”

Album Tracks:

1. Exploring Minds in the Vastness of Possibilities
2. Electro-Luminescence Pulse
3. Incandescent Spirits
4. Voltaic Currents
5. A Surge in Electricity
6. Random Reaction
7. Electrolytes
8. Electrical Permittivity
9. When Sparks Ignite
10. The Disappearing Future

Mark Murdock/drums/synthesizer/fretless bass
Tim Pepper/vocal on 1, 3, 5 & 10
Joe Berger/lead guitar
Dave Juteau/guitar on 1 & 4
David Rambeau/guitar on 5
Preston Murdock/lead guitar on 9
Charles Lambiase/fretless bass on 9

*Song 3 is dedicated to the memory of drummer Ron Howden (R.I.P.) of the band, Nektar, who presented Mark with his Paise Flat Ride cymbal used on this song.

“Incandescent Spirits” Cymbalic Encounters
Music and Lyrics composed by Mark Murdock
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Murdock at OffShore, Tokyo and  BEAM Audio, NYC
Copyright 2023

Available on digital platforms:

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Family “It’s Only A Movie” 2CD Remastered Expanded Edition Released January 26, 2024





Recorded in Somerset utilizing a mobile studio and at Olympic Studios in the Summer of 1973, “It’s Only A Movie” was the final studio album by Family featuring yet another line-up of the band. Vocalist Roger Chapman, guitarist John “Charlie” Whitney and drummer Rob Townsend recruited new members Tony Ashton (keyboards) and Jim Cregan (bass, guitar). Released in September 1973, the album closed a chapter on one Britain’s most unique bands.

This new two-disc edition of this classic album has been newly remastered from the master tapes and also includes 19 bonus tracks drawn from singles and previously unreleased studio out-takes along with a bonus CD of BBC Radio sessions from 1973, including a superb In Concert performance and a final Session for the Top Gear show. This release also features an illustrated booklet with a new essay and is a fitting tribute to a much-treasured band.


“It’s Only A Movie” – Remastered
1 It’s Only a Movie
2 Leroy
3 Buffet Tea for Two
4 Boom Bang
5 Boots ‘n’ Roots
6 Banger
7 Sweet Desire
8 Suspicion
9 Check Out
Bonus tracks
10 Stop This Car (B-side of single)
11 Drink to You (B-side of single)
12 Boom Bang (early version)
13 Suspicion (early version)
14 Stop This Car (early version)

BBC Radio Sessions 1973
BBC In Concert January 1973
1 Burlesque
2 Sat’dy Barfly
3 Top of the Hill
4 My Friend the Sun
5 Buffet Tea for Two
6 Children
7 Glove
8 Ready to Go
9 Holding the Compass
10 Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
BBC Session May 1973
11 Boom Bang
12 Buffet Tea for Two
13 Check Out
14 Sweet Desiree

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